Louisiana, Distilled

With access to the world's finest sugarcane, it'd be a sin not to share. Our flagship White Rum is pure enough to sip and balanced enough to mix. You don't need an excuse to celebrate. Have a good time: just because.

Kicking Mule White Rum

In cocktails or served neat, our flagship rum is the very model of balance.


Light to medium body

Notes of raw sugarcane

Ideal for: sipping neat, mojito, Hemingway daiquiri.


Crafted for optimal versatility and purity, our White Rum's the very model of a balanced spirit. It approaches with mild aromas of herbs and fruit and finishes clean on the tongue. Sip it neat or add a single ice cube to open it up further, but don't you worry: the only wrong way to drink our White Rum is to rush.