The Story of Kicking Mule Rum

To create a world-class rum, we kept things local.

Our Story

Here in rural Louisiana, we're surrounded by fields of the world's finest sugarcane, which makes for pure, rich molasses that'll knock your socks off. It's also ideal for crafting high-quality rum. Since there's no joy in keeping things to yourself, we turned our family's big barn into a world-class distillery so we could share our finely crafted spirits with friends old and new.

Producing our rum in small batches from local molasses helps us stay connected to what's important. We're able to monitor every part of the process and guarantee the highest quality product. If it doesn't make us proud, we don't bottle it.

My family has been in this area since the 1820's. Our community has always had a penchant for sharing whatever we have. And we at River Road Distillery look forward to sharing with you what we believe to be quality spirits, with unique characteristics, hand crafted right here in South Louisiana. So we hope you will sit back and have a Kicking Mule Cocktail - Just because.

Old barn. New distillery.
Good spirits attract company.
Our White Rum: pure, balanced, and ready to pour.
Precise. Pure. Perfect.
From our hands to your liquor cabinet.
Hard at work at the still.
Once a judge, always a judge.
All you need is a porch.