This is no ordinary barn.

You're looking at a world-class distillery.

Our Process

At River Road Distillery, we're committed to keeping things local and respecting our environment. From source to final product, we work with care and control, ensuring that every bottle that leaves our distillery lives up to our high standards.

The Perfect Mash 1

Step 1:

The Perfect Mash

We start with the finest molasses in the world. It's sourced right here in Louisiana, from the historic Lula Sugar Mill just over in Belle Rose. To this molasses we add triple-filtered water and our carefully selected yeast, yielding our one-of-kind mash.

Into The Still 2

Step 2:

Into The Still

We transfer our mash into our custom-built 100-gallon copper still. Under the watchful eye of our Master Distiller, the mash is passed through the multiple plates of our all copper column and condenser coil, at which time it is collected by hand for the next run.

Capturing The Heart 3

Step 3:

Capturing The Heart

What remains is the true spirit of our rum the "fine heart", which we collect in small quantities to produce our signature rums.